Wildlife Rehabilitation

Wildlife Rehab Lakeville, MNIn 2013, Windmill Animal Rescue director Toni Maat extended her care for animals to helping rehabilitate wildlife. After significant studying, testing, and preparation, she has created a safe environment in which to rehabilitate orphaned wildlife so they can be released back into the wilderness.
Toni is proud to be one of the few individuals in Minnesota to hold a whitetail permit. Windmill Animal Rescue is one of the few facilities in Minnesota to have a general permit holder on staff.  This allows us to care for whitetail deer and fawns as well as a variety of other wildlife species in need.
In addition to Toni, we have a number of other staff members knowledgeable in wildlife rehabilitation and we always need additional help caring for wildlife in need.
Interested in volunteering your time to help care for and rehabilitate some local wildlife?

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