Volunteers Needed

VolunteersAre you interested in volunteering at the New Market, MN Windmill Animal Rescue? We would love to have you! We have many volunteer opportunities and many different needs, some of which we don’t yet know ourselves! So check out the information below if you would like to volunteer or if you have an idea for something not listed that you think would help us. Fill out a [volunteer application] and give us a call, send an email, or leave a message through our Contact page. We ask that volunteers commit to a minimum of 10 hours spread out over at least three different days, as we need time for proper training. We’ll see you soon!

Health and Welfare Attendant

A Health and Welfare Attendant is a fancy term for someone who feeds the animals and cleans cages, litter, and floors. As you can imagine, the routine tasks around Windmill are quite a handful. The only ones who appreciate your services more than the staff and customers are the furry friends you are helping. (Though it is unlikely they will express it in so many words!) Once these tasks become routine, other responsibilities such as medicating animals may be added.

Handyman/Handywoman (Or anyone who is handy!)

As you might expect, there are a lot of odds and ends that need fixing here at Windmill. Cats like to jump up on things (who knew?), so shelves and other platforms tend to come loose. If you are handy with tools and could lend your expertise, we’ll put you to good use!

Secretarial and Clerical

Even a facility as hopping as Windmill has to do paperwork and maintain files! Combine that with our regular phone traffic and we have a recipe for another volunteer need.

Special Events

Windmill likes to enrich our community and raise funds for the shelter by hosting special events. Whether we host a petting zoo, a grill-out, a rummage sale, a bowling night, or a spaghetti dinner, we like to have fun. If you are an event planner or would like to volunteer to help at an event, we would love to hear from you.

Email WindmillAnimalRescue@yahoo.com for a volunteer application.