Sponsor a Shelter Resident

Sponsoring is a great way to show your continuing love for animals when you are unable to adopt.

What is animal sponsoring?

Lakeville Pet AdoptionSponsoring means that you are pledging to help keep the shelter a safe, loving home for an animal. When you choose to sponsor an animal, we will email you a photo of the pet and a story of their life so far. If the animal sponsored is a sanctuary animal, we will keep you updated about your furry friend’s life. If you sponsor an adoptable resident, we will notify you when they have found a loving home!

Sanctuary Animals

There are some cats at Windmill who are unlikely to be adopted. Whether they are too old to move to a new home or have bad habits we can’t correct, they will likely be with us for life. These animals are just as loveable as any other cat, and sponsoring them is a wonderful way to show your support.

Adoptable Animals

You can also sponsor our temporary residents. Most animals that come through the shelter will be adopted. Though their time at Windmill is short, we love them just as much!

On average we spend $30 per cat per month. Every small donation helps. If you would like to sponsor a cat, recurring donations make it easy! We a-purr-eciate everything you do for us!

Sponsoring an animal is a wonderful way to show your love for animals when you are not able to adopt them. Recurring donations for sponsorship help determine how many animals we can protect!

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