Friends of Windmill

Windmill relies on the support of special donors to help us help the animals. In recognition of their efforts and support we would just like to say Thank You. Though we can never fully express our appreciation to everyone who helps along the way, we can put a small amount of recognition up

Countryside Animal Hospital Kennels

Countryside has been an indescribable help to Windmill. They help us keep all f our residents healthy and happy. They also take care of our spay and neuter procedures and have never failed to be available in a time of need. We appreciate their services and recommend them as a vet to anyone in need!

Main Street Veterinary Service

Main Street Vet is very committed to animals. They have helped diabetic cats change their diets enough to no longer require insulin, and give presentations on how to feed your animal to help them live a longer and healthier life. Their knowledge and recommendations on feeding and caring for your animals is remarkable.

Scott Lake Veterinary Center

Scott Lake has partnered with Windmill Animal Rescue to help bring more affordable shots and vaccinations to our area. Twice a year Scott Lake comes to Windmill Feed and Pet Supply for a vaccination clinic. During these clinics the veterinarians will vaccinate your dog or cat for less than a standard vet bill. It is still very important to bring your animals in for wellness checks but saving money when you are in a bind can go a long way to help you keep your cherished pets! Not only do they offer a lower cost services, they donate a portion of those proceeds to Windmill Animal Rescue!

Handicapped Pets

Handicapped pets has not only helped Windmill out when we are in need of special assistance items for handicapped animals, but they are also helping us reach the world. With a donation of a web camera to stream the various presentations we have set up as well as hosting the streaming service, Handicapped Pets is all about helping

Twin City Greetings

Twin City Greetings is a greeting card salescompany who came through big for the Mrs. Claus event. With no notice and less than a week from the start of the Claus Event, Twin City Greetings opened their hearts and donated a significant amount of Christmas Photo Cards. Their donation allowed us to make the event really shine by giving every participant their choice from a variety of photo card styles.


Dreamhost is a websie hosting and domain name registration company. They have an easy to use website with site design options that install with a single click. The truly great thing about Dreamhost is their policy to help non-profits succeed. With the documentation that Windmill has as a non-profit they approved our hosting for free! Many hosting companies claim to be free but inundate their subscribers with ads, fine print, and slow sites. Dreamhost not only made the process easy, they provided support within an hour of a claim ticket being submitted!

Animal University

Animal University is a program dedicated to training people how to best understand and help different animals. Truly understanding when your animal is in need of veterinary attention, a change of environment or even a change of diet can be very difficult. Animal University tries to demystify your animals habits and behaviors so you understand what they are trying to tell you.

Tangerine House of Design

Tangerine House of Design is a photography business run by Lisa Asp. Lisa has put together a wonderful fundraising opportunity for animal shelters allowing her to take photos, for which the sitting fees she donates to the shelters. She posts the pictures in a voting system so that people can choose their favorites, and then puts together a calendar for the non-profits to sell to help raise money. It is extremely rare for someone to come to a non-profit with a fundraising idea that gives you so much and then takes the work load upon themselves!

Prisms Nail Studio

Prisms Nail Studio provided a great service for animals and Windmill Animal Rescue. Upon receiving a report from them of some stray cats wandering around their location, one of which had a collar, they allowed us to setup some live traps on their property and camp at their building while the animals learned to trust the cages and eventually be captured completely safely. In doing so we were able to return a lost pet to an owner and trap, fix, and release a feral cat.

Beads of Hope

Beads of Hope is a Facebook page that is dedicated to selling hand crafted jewelry and donating profits to non-profits. All items are sold online to interested individuals and distributed to shelters in need.