How to Adopt a Pet

Adopt a Pet in New Market, MN

Adopt a petWindmill Pet Rescue has been serving communities South of Lakeville, MN and the surrounding area for 10+ years. We are based in downtown Elko New Market but our resident cats, rabbits and small animals come from areas including Farmington, Shakopee, Prior Lake, New Prague and many others local communities.

Windmill Animal Rescue is committed to finding the right match between pet and owner. If you are interested in adopting a cat, rabbit or any other needy friend, we ask that you come on down and spend some time with the animals. They love the company and attention, and you will gain a valuable look at how the animals interact with you, your family, and the other residents of Windmill. We also use an application and approval process to find the best home for the animal. Adoption applications require the approval of three board members and take a minimum of three days for review.

Email to request an adoption application!

Cat Adoption Fees

Cat adoption fees start at $200. That might seem like a lot, but it is less than the cost to bring your new pet to the vet for services we have already performed. All adoptable kitties, rabbits, guinea pigs and all other small animals have had professional veterinary care while staying with us. The fees goes directly back to the shelter to help the next animal in need.

Small Animal Adoption Fees

Small Animal fees vary by the type of animal, age, and other properties. We do not adopt out opposite-sex pairs of small animals unless they have been fixed.

Bunny Adoption

$40 each or $70 for a pair

Purebred Bunny Adoption (with papers)

$50 each or $85 for a pair

Guinea Pig Adoption

$30 each or $45 per pair

Ferret Adoption

$120 each or $240 per pair

Chinchillas Adoption

$100 each

Hamster Adoption

$10 each or $17.50 per pair

Rat Adoption

$10 each or $17.50 per pair

Mice Adoption

$5 each or $8.50 per pair

Gerbil Adoption

$13 each or $20 per pair

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