About Us

Windmill Animal Shelter

The CrewIn 1990, some children in New Market, MN, brought a stray mother cat to be cared for at the local pet store. That was just the beginning. As the years went by, more and more animals were brought in: animals that were stray or orphaned, animals that were lost or injured. Even local wildlife like orphaned raccoon kits, squirrels that had fallen from their nest, robins, blue jays, hawks, and owls.

Toni Maat turned this impromptu shelter into a nonprofit rescue organization and in December 2003, Windmill Animal Rescue was born.

The shelter is located in New Market, MN, just 30 minutes south of the Twin Cities. The shelter serves the areas of Farmington, Lakeville, New Prague, Shakopee, Credit River and may other local communities. There are nearly 40 cats that need permanent homes. Windmill also needs foster homes, donations, and volunteers to maintain the facility and care for the cats. Windmill Animal Rescue is housed in and supported by Windmill Feed and Supply Company, where all pet supplies can be purchased.

Many of the animals roam freely in the shelter and interact with customers and other critters. You may find a ferret playing with the cats, a kitten chasing a dog’s wagging tail, or even a bunny hopping up to sniff your shoelaces!

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