Kevin and Jay

Adult - Male
Adoptable Medium

Hi! Our names are Kevin and Jay. As of 5/17/19, We are about 1 year old (DOB is approximate), so we’ve still got a lot of life ahead of us. We would really like to stay together. We are both very friendly and outgoing after we get to know you. We would really like to have a family of our own to play with and love. If you can give us a forever loving home with lots of attention, please stop by the Windmill Animal Rescue.

We are both calico, but are easy to tell apart. Kevin is mostly black and white with a funny white patch between his ears. Jay’s back is mostly orange and he has a little head tilt from a previous ear infection.

We will let you know when we are happy or sad by squeaking. We also squeak when the bag full of greens comes out to feed us. We enjoy munching on hay cubes, and Timothy hay helps keep our teeth short and comfortable, so we will need an unlimited supply every day.

Adoption policies and fees can be viewed at

If you think we are cute but can’t adopt us, you could choose to sponsor us by donating money for our care or come in to play with us weekly until we find our forever home!

The shelter is housed in and supported by Windmill Feed and Supply Company where all pet supplies can be purchased.

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