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Moeller, D Vancouver, wrote on his Elect Jim Moeller Facebook page.As speaker pro tempore of the state House of Representatives, Moeller often presides when the oakley sunglasses replica House is session.Frank Decker, who is not one of Moeller’s constituents but a Vancouver resident and a gun rights advocate, saw the post.”My immediate reaction was, challenge accepted,” Decker said.Decker created his own Facebook page titled “Moeller’s Open Carry Challenge.” The page has more than 80 “likes,” and the goal, Decker said, is to have a volunteer openly carry a firearm in the gallery fake oakleys cheap of the House every day during the 2015 legislative session, which kicks off in January.”The best case scenario is that Jim would come to his senses and realize he’s not being intimidated by us being there; he’s not being threatened,” Decker said.Moeller, said it’s the equivalent of having someone shouting at him from the gallery.”It’s ridiculous it’s allowed,” Moeller said. “It’s not allowed in courthouses, it’s not allowed in jails or bars or schools, and I think it’s ridiculous it’s allowed in the gallery.”Moeller said he doesn’t take issue with lawmakers who carry a concealed weapon on the floor or firearms being allowed in the statehouse, but having someone open carry firearms in the public gallery, which is elevated, he said, is an act of intimidation.There are only 12 states that have no restrictions on carrying firearms within statehouses.
Reagan said simple words are best, and I think nuts fit the bill,” Moeller said.Although Moeller hadn’t heard of the Facebook group until contacted by The Columbian, he said he’s considering drafting legislation fake oakley wholesaleto ban firearms in the gallery.Decker said he’s heard a lot of support for his idea and expects armed citizens will sign up for shifts as it gets closer to the legislative session.Moeller’s Republican opponent, Lisa Ross, who is hoping to replace him in Olympia.